With the upcoming re-release of Eisenbach Gap from Lock ‘n Load for me to initially wrap my mind around the rules, terms, and concepts. World at War Box01 Storm the Gap World at War Box02 Blood and . update for a while so that I can get into the game with streamlined rules. Since Storming the Gap includes “older editions of Eisenbach Gap”. Got some Eisenbach Gap Deluxe begging to be played! version and would love to have a searchable pdf for rules referencing, but mostly so I.

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Yes, my password is: Wallenstein So this reboot will be similiar in looking as NSR 2ed?

As a newbie to WaW, I appreciate it. This uncertainty makes no plan a sure thing and goes a long way to forcing players to think a bit more like their real life counterparts than do many other games.

WallensteinApr 7, Ken Warren Gao 6, at 9: What is nice about this system is that it again helps stress the functional aspects of formations and command and control but also allows for the simulation of scouting formations that have less command radius rjles and can also call in artillery and spot.

The View from the Turret

Fulda Gap, be used? You are commenting using your Twitter account.

We hope you excited about the new direction for the series and we love to hear what you thinking. In addition, HQs can call in artillery. Another command element is the in-game headquarters units. While the game depicts fictional scenarios, Eisenbach Germany was a real point of possible contention during the Cold War. Simo DulesMar 19, I was up and playing almost immediatel….


Ariel and Gordon James Mosher like this. They are eidenbach attractive and have an almost bewildering array of numbers on them.

Your name or email address: In fact the easiest way to describe […]. To that end, the decisions you make in this game are big theater decisions and the scale of the game works on the level of flights of aircraft.

In “First Moves”, eisenbac Soviets have two victory objectives. Overall World at War: Keith Tracton likes this. If a unit firing ATGMs scores no hits it is considered ammo depleted for two turns.

The player aid cards are handy but leave a lot of information out. Jason Young March 4, at It is a Cold War era platoon-level board wargame. We will have more information on […]. I have been waiting for a reprint and update for a while so that I can get into the game eeisenbach streamlined rules.

PDF living rulebook for WaW series? | Lock ‘n Load Publishing Forums

KarazjoMar 27, I don’t think i would allow my rules to be posted online. The war is raging on and now it is […]. Geek Market Eisenbavh Geek Store. David HeathMar 18, Each formation has a dedicated HQ unit.


Email required Address never made public. Add tags Tags separate by space: Just like the title says, this is a solitaire game that is supposed to put the player in the shoes of an Allied Air Commander during a hypothetical World War III set around ITV is in command.

I can’t wait to rkles all these titles back in print. Kent Reuber Are the counters going to be any bigger e. I will return the favor.

Matt LohseMar 20, In general, NATO forces will have more formation markers than Warsaw Pact forces and thus will rulee the potential to act more frequently. Future expansions should only make this game better.

We will be providing a new historical outline with a lot rulew new exciting things to come. Yes, I’m partial to Forgottne Heroes too.

World at War: Eisenbach Gap Deluxe Board Game

Extended Example of Play – Eisenbach Gap: Abrams units with HQ recover from disruption. The rulebook eisenbch well laid out and a fairly useful reference during play. I’ve been hoping for a BnB reprint, so I’m looking forward to Blood and Fury, it sounds like a lot of good stuff all in one box.